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hurricane protection for windows


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fabric hurricane shutters
hurricane window protection
hurricane window protection
hurricane window protection
hurricane window protection


ABC News:
Hurricane Season
Officially Under Way
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How to Guard Windows
Against a Hurricane..
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How to
Hurricane-proof your home

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HONOLULU —One month into hurricane season, there have already been three hurricanes that have formed in the eastern Pacific.



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Hurricane Fabric | Hurricane Protection

Welcome to Hurricane Fabric. We are revolutionizing the way you protect your home from hurricanes.



A Product Born Out of Necessity

AstroGuard is our patented hurricane protection shield. After years upon years of observing storm patterns, hurricane destructions, and ways in which other hurricane protective barriers fell short, we created the revolutionary AstroGuard that combines efficiency with affordability. We have developed this revolutionary hurricane fabric out of necessity for a better barrier against natural disasters at a more affordable price compared to other hurricane barriers. AstroGuard is practical, lightweight, cost efficient, and easy to install. It provides protection against wind and rain.

AstroGuard has undergone rigorous tests against high speed winds, pounding rain, and flying debris. Whatever may come in its way, AstroGuard withstands it all. It is approved for international use and accredited for all codes in hurricane protection.

AstroGuard is more effective than traditional shutters made of metal and fabric. It withstands 2.5 times the force compared to traditional metal and fabric shutters.

There are three ways Astroguard can save you money on hurricane protection. The fabric itself is much cheaper compared to other hurricane protection shutters made from other fabrics and metal accordions. It is so easy to install, you can do it yourself, saving money on hiring independent installation services. Finally, depending on your insurance, Astroguard can save you money on home insurance coverage.

Seal your home with the best protection available. When you invest in AstoGuard, you can be assured you are protecting yourself, your family, and your property with the best hurricane barrier on the market. When it comes to protecting the people and things you care about the most, why would you settle for anything less than the best? You can’t put a price on peace of mind.

AstroGuard has proven itself time and time again to be the most effective hurricane protection available.

The Next Generation of Hurricane Fabric

AstroGuard is shaking up the hurricane protection marketplace. You probably know that hurricane fabric is quickly displacing traditional hurricane shutters, and now AstroGuard has emerged as the next generation of hurricane fabric. It combines a high-strength, high-tenacity nylon hybrid fabric with an ultra-durable, UV resistant resin coa ting. The result? Hurricane protection that is stronger, easier to own and more affordable.

• Our Secret
• Smart Design
• Category 5 approved

• 55% stronger than other fabrics
• Half the cost of other fabrics
• Easy to put up & take down

• Only 11 ounces per square yard
• Florida Building Code approved (#15208)
• Insurance approved




A Product Born Out of Necessity

Astroflex by Hurricane Fabric is the first generation series of fabric protection. This is made of a slightly heavier version of polypropylene trampoline fabric. Astroflex is woven so that the fibers are slightly open so as to allow visibility through the fabric. While the impact resistance meets the sta...


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A Product Born Out of Necessity

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"It is light as a feather, simple to install, strong as anything you can get to protect your house, and stores in a bag. We built our home on a barrier island nearly twelve years ago and never gave "

John W. Biesinger, III, J.D. (Senior Trust Advisor)