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hurricane protection for windows


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fabric hurricane shutters
window hurricane protection
window hurricane protection
window hurricane protection
window hurricane protection


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Hurricane Season
Officially Under Way
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How to Guard Windows
Against a Hurricane..
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How to
Hurricane-proof your home

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HONOLULU —One month into hurricane season, there have already been three hurricanes that have formed in the eastern Pacific.



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A Product Born Out of Necessity

Astroflex by Hurricane Fabric is the first generation series of fabric protection. This is made of a slightly heavier version of polypropylene trampoline fabric. Astroflex is woven so that the fibers are slightly open so as to allow visibility through the fabric. While the impact resistance meets the standards for Florida Building Code, the Astroguard fabric has a much higher resistance to impact and is completely non-porous.

This was our first system which was a product born out of necessity. A founder of this company was a pioneering member in the field of fabric hurricane protection whose background is in the sail making industry. Much of how this product works has come from this field where there is decades of innovation in fabric and attachment advances. From the history of sails, we can gain much insight into how fabric performs under heavy loads and what type of attachments are the most secure.

If you are looking for transparent hurricane protection, check out AstroFlex. AstroFlex is our take on the first generation of traditional hurricane fabrics. It is transparent, allowing you to look outside your windows with full viewing capabilities, preventing a blackout effect. Other companies who sell this traditional hurricane barrier use straps and buckles to reinforce the edges to structure openings, which causes the fabric to be more permeable at the edges and tear more easily when faced with high speed wind, pounding rain, and flying debris. We remedy this problem by using our patented clips to attach the fabric to doors and windows, giving a more forceful barrier against the elements. Our patented clips make the fabric more flexible when faced with hurricane conditions to effectively repel wind, rain, and debris, without compromising strength. Our black AstroFlex has higher UV resistance compared to other the fabrics sold by our competitors in lighter colors, which degrade very quickly when left in direct sunlight. Don't compromise your safety with the effectiveness of lower quality hurricane fabrics sold by anyone else other than Hurricane Fabrics.

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