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Great Decision

I can officially say that selecting the hurricane fabric product as a way to protect my garage door was a great decision, and working with the staff at hurricane fabric was a pleasure. The fabric is cost effective, easy to install initially, easy to store, and easy to install quickly when the time comes. I am baffled; why have more people not recognized this great option?

My family recently purchased a home in Margate that has accordion shutters on all windows, but the garage door was not protected and I was not getting credits on insurance. Being new to Florida, I spent a lot of time researching options; new garage door, large removable panels, etc. I did not want to lose the nice windows in the garage door but it looked like I had no options. It took me more searching forums and websites than it should have, but somehow I came across the hurricane fabric website, and this option looked great. Better yet, once I talked with the staff and priced out an installation, I could not believe how the cost compared; half the amount of a new rated garage door! Why inspectors and realtors don't know more about this product is unfortunate; a simple referral could have saved me a great deal of time.

You guys are great when it comes to customer service. You came out and measured, gave me a quote for you to install or for me to do it myself. That helped me make sure I would be getting the right size and parts. I chose to install myself. On multiple occasions, your staff answered installation related questions because I am such a perfectionist and planner. You delivered storm bars to my place quickly once we recognized they were needed. And then, to satisfy the crazy requests from the insurance company, you provided documentation and a letter after speaking with them to make sure they got what they needed.

Guess what, I have been told by the insurance company that my entry door is not rated :(. Looks like another hurricane fabric installation is in the future for me. Anytime I get asked about hurricane protection, I will be referring people to you. Keep up the good work!

Stu Clark
Testimonial By: Stu Clark — Margate, Florida — Clarks

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