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hurricane protection for windows


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fabric hurricane shutters


I happened to stumble across while searching

Being the skeptic that I am, I sent several emails with questions about their product. No other than the president of the company answered my email.

I happened to stumble across while searching for hurricane protection. Being the skeptic that I am, I sent several emails with questions about their product-none other than the president of the company answered my email. We spent considerable time discussing issues of installing the hurricane fabric before I decided to go for it. I'm NOT sorry I did. When I priced hurricane fabric at our local Home Show in Sarasota, I found I could save between $8,000 and $10,000 by doing it myself and ordering from I started off doing half the house just to be sure this would work. I have since completed my order for the whole house. One of the windows came in the wrong size. I notified the company. No questions asked, they recut the fabric and sent it to me. This company offers a quality product at a spectacular price with first class service. How can you not do business with a company like this?

I had the clear plastic Lexan panels professionally installed in my previous house. These were not easy to put up, although they did store nicely and I did not need a ladder to put them up. However, it took me about 5 hours to put them up on the whole house. I can do the same thing with the hurricane fabric in an hour and one half.

I also looked at the Wayne Dalton product. Installation was much more difficult as it required cutting the material to the exact size. I also would be paying for waste. You have to drill your own holes for the grommets and the material shredded. It was very difficult to install the grommets.

I have some suggestions about installation.

Don't do it on a two story house.
Make sure you have the right drill. If you are drilling into cement block, you cannot use an 18 volt cordless drill. It is not powerful enough. You will need a 7-8 amp electric drill. I bought the Black and Decker Firestorm drill for $99.00 and this was perfect.
You will also need a second drill to use as an electric screw driver and you will need a 5/16 inch hex bit to drive in the anchors. You will need to get a hex bit for a mechanics ratchet wrench to get adequate torque. I tried using a power drill but it did not work.
The clips have prongs that push through the fabric with some difficulty. If you use the anchors to push the clips through, it is much easier.
The technique of installation is simple but it is time consuming primarily because it takes time to drill a 7/16 inch hole into cement block. You should allow 1 to 2 hours per window for installation.

If you are a do it yourself-er and have enough skill to operate an electric drill, then this is where you want to do business.
Testimonial By: Robert Brenner MD

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