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fabric hurricane shutters


After months of research, I selected Hurricane Fabric to protect

I've spent the last three years designing and constructing a waterfront home in Northwest Florida capable of withstanding a Category IV hurricane.

After months of research, I selected Hurricane Fabric to protect my windows and doors.

Hurricane Fabric was superior to the competition. The fabric was delivered within a few weeks of my order and cut to exact dimensions. On-site placement of the clips allowed me to anchor the screen to the strongest part of the structure. Installation was fast and simple. The cost was also substantially lower.

I've been boarding up homes for the last twenty years to protect against hurricanes. I would need at least two people and the better part of a day to board up this house with panels, but I can deploy Hurricane Fabric screens by myself inside an hour. I've been through a lot of hurricanes. Using these screens effectively buys me an extra day to prepare for the storm.

I can also use my screens as roll-down sun shades during hot summer afternoons. Just add a cleat, a few pulleys, and some nylon line to the installation. My back porch has become an outdoor living room. This is a great product!

I've spent hundreds of research hours designing a house strong enough to withstand a major hurricane. Hurricane Fabric screens are a crucial part of a layered protection envelope and the "best-fit" engineering solution for open areas like porches and lanais. Thanks for delivering the best product at a great price.
Testimonial By: Bruce Taylor Lt. Colonel (U.S.A.F.R)

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