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What is Hurricane Fabric?

What is Hurricane Fabric?

Hurricane Fabric manufactures the safest, most aesthetically pleasing and cost effective hurricane protection systems on Earth.

Hurricane Fabric is:
Made in the USA.
Easy to install.
Convenient storage.
Built to last (10 year warranty).
Impact, Water & Pressure Resistant.
Transparent Astroflex & translucent Astroguard (conquers the “dark cave” effect created by traditional hurricane shutterssuch as plywood and metal products).

Yields as much as a 58% discount on homeowners insurance (read testimonial).

Currently the only fabric hurricane protection sold at The Home Depot and Lowe’s.

The Global Leader in Hurricane Protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Q: What is the difference between Astroguard and Astroflex?

A: AstroFlex is a Polypropylene fabric with a reinforced seamed edge. It is transparent and appears as a dark screen when viewed from the inside. It is available in Black or Beige colors and cannot be field modified. DIY pricing starts at $5.59 a square foot and installed pricing generally varies from $9 to $14 per sq. ft.

AstroGuard is a resin coated ballistic nylon fabric with a thermal welded edge hem. It is transparent, letting light in the house but cannot be seen through. It is available in tan and white colors and minor field modifications can be made if cut edges are heat sealed. DIY pricing starts at $6.59 per sq. ft. and installed pricing generally varies between $10 and $15 per sq. ft.

2) Q: Will my home owner’s insurance company accept it?
A: Yes, both products are rated for the “Large Missile Impact Test” and are rated A-1 for the Florida Mitigation Inspection Report. Both qualify your home for Opening Protection mitigation discounts.

Please note that the Astroflex product cannot be used in the High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) which comprises only Miami Dade and Broward counties.

3) Q: Does the hardware come with the fabric or is it extra?
A: Do It Yourself (DIY) kits include all hard ware (Clips, Clip Screws, Anchors, Bolts) including drill bit(s) and drivers as applicable.

4) Q: Is Hurricane Fabric approved for my location?
A: Yes, Hurricane Fabric can be applied anywhere. Visit our webpage and under the “Resource” pull down click on Product Approvals. You can simply click on your coastal state image and download pdf Product Approvals.

5) Q: How long does it take to receive once my order is placed?
A: Please call 561-742-3756 for updated lead times.

6) Q: Do you cut it to fit?
A: All orders are custom cut to your finished size requirements, so be sure to add the required overlap to your opening measurements. AstroGuard is also available at the and is available in 6 pre cut generic sizes. Helpful “How to Do” documents are included under our “Resource” tab.

7) Q: How do I get a quote?
A: Go to and click on the Order / Estimate tab. Enter your specific location, house attributes and required panel sizes and a custom quote will be generated.

8) Q: Is there anyone that can install it for me?
A: Yes, we have a global network of dealers eager to assist you.* Please provide your location, # of openings, surface mount & we will have a dealer contact you within 24 hours.
In addition, we have an excellent instructional: How to Measure and How to Install Videos on our website which will enable any handy man to get the job done.

9) Q: Can I really install this myself?
A: Anyone with reasonable measuring and power tool skills can install our Hurricane Protection System. There are many helpful tutorials on our website to get you up to speed. Additionally, our customer base has produced several helpful “How to” videos on You Tube.

10) Q: My neighbor said he saw Hurricane Fabric in Home Depot. Can I purchase there?
A: AstroGuard is available through in six precut generic sizes. These panels are not heat sealed and will require sealing prior to installation. This can be accomplished most conveniently using a thermal heat cutter.

Choosing the Right Hurricane Protection

Choosing the Right Hurricane Protection

Cost comparison based on Home Depot D-I-Y pricing:

1) Astroguard:

Comprised of ballistic nylon fabric, the American made Astroguard hurricane shutter by Hurricane Fabric is non porous (blocking 100% of wind & rain), lightweight (weighing 1.33 oz per square foot), easy to store (easily folds into a 30 x 40″ storage bag), higher strength (impact rated at more than twice the industry standard- true capacity unknown, because testing maxed out below product potential at 76 mph) and lower cost alternative to traditional hurricane shutters.

Measuring only .25″ in diameter, the Astroguard flush mount anchoring system provides a chameleon-esque finish because cover is stainless steel (paintable), and anchor does not protrude from surface like traditional panelmate / wing-nut anchoring hurricane protection systems. Astroguard provides full protection, without detracting from the look of the home.

Translucent Astroguard solves the dark “cave effect” created by traditional shutters such as metal or plywood panels. Multi-attachment point clips solves egress limitations & fire suppression activities of traditional panels (a fabric can be cut quickly during a fire emergency, metal/ wood can’t be). 10 year warranty included.

Cost: $4-$6 per square foot

2) Metal Panel:

The weight of shutter, in addition to its sharp edges, make installation and deployment a nightmare for home and business owners.

This product becomes even more dangerous when installing on higher floor’s, or when a storm is approaching and winds speeds are increased. Impact and wind rating are building code compliant, but carry a lower rating/ level of protection than other products available at comparable cost (less than 1/2 of Astroguard’s impact rating). Bulk of product creates storage issues as well. 1 year warranty on material and workmanship.

Cost: $5-$7 per square foot

3) Accordion Shutters:

Permanently attached to structure, this shutter is best for customers in need of rapid deployment. Many accordion shutters can be locked with a key, and may provide a theft deterrent. Customers who relish: “out of sight, out of mind” hurricane protection, will not be happy with the yearly maintenance requirements and associated cost. Impact and wind rating is comparable to metal shutters, but 1/2 of Astroguard’s industry leading impact rating. A solid option when comparing with other pricier, permanently affixed hurricane protection systems, such as impact glass or louvered shutters. 1 year warranty on material and workmanship.

Cost: $27.81 per square foot

4) Louvered Shutters:

A nice aesthetic option for customers in need of a fast and easily deployed, albeit costly, hurricane protection option. Two-piece shutters that attach to the wall beside each window, and fold together to protect the window. Decorative shutter that also provides hurricane protection, and can easily be made storm-ready by one person. The permanently affixed nature of the shutter does not require additional storage space. The slatted nature, however, does allow water and air flow to pass through the shutter which may cause interior water damage. Furthermore, certain louvered shutters, such as colonial shutters require a storm bar to lock the shutters in place, which may increase installation time and cost. Customers seeking uniform hurricane protection for their entire home will be precluded from purchasing louvered shutters, because they do mot protect doors.

Cost: $30.66 per square foot.

5) Impact rated windows and doors:

According to a leading manufacturer impact glass is designed to resist impacts so even if the glass cracks, the fragments will adhere to the interlayer, so the shards remain within the frame. ImpactGard protection also meets the nation’s toughest building codes. These codes specify that windows must withstand a nine-pound 2×4 traveling at 50 feet per second (34 miles per hour)- Astroguard impact tests at more than double this rate, on a more difficult test to pass. The most expensive hurricane protection option (other than a concrete dome), is a practical choice for commercial structures, but often considered to be unattainable for the average homeowner. Impact glass eliminates the need for additional hurricane shutters (however according to the Miami Herald: “even impact-resistant glass can be penetrated by high-speed projectiles, so the best (and most expensive) combination would be impact-resistant glass and shutters.”). Ideal for snowbird’s whom are not typically at the home during hurricane season, and thus unable to deploy shutters if and when the home resides within the “cone of uncertainty.” Although impact glass often requires significant structural and aesthetic alterations to the home, which may not be ideal for homeowners seeking to preserve a historic or retro aesthetic, impact glass will provide a seamless appearance once installation is completed.

Cost: $50/sq. ft. for single-glazed impact glass and $70/sq. ft. for double-glazed glass.

6) Window Film: Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi: “The Florida Building Commission has not approved window film as a form of hurricane protection; therefore, it cannot be advertised as offering hurricane protection.”

Hurricane Protection for Atrium Windows

Hurricane Protection for Atrium Windows

Citizens insurance new clearinghouse program (“with the mission of demonstrating to Florida homeowners the state-backed property insurer isn’t necessarily their only or best option”- Sun-Sentinel) has generated a lot of excitement and confusion among Florida homeowners in 2014. While exploring insurance options, many homeowners have realized that they were not receiving the discount on their homeowners insurance they were entitled to; Subsequently, burning thousands of dollars unnecessarily each year. Hurricane Fabric was contacted by a homeowner that had all but one opening (atrium window pictured below) on their home protected with wind and impact A rated doors, windows or shutters. More expensive traditional hurricane protection such as impact glass and metal, roll-down, accordion, Colonial or Bahama Shutters could not be installed to protect this opening without costly and unattractive structural changes being made to the home. Therefore, the atrium remained unprotected, and the home uninsured from hurricane’s (all openings must be protected to obtain hurricane coverage- and as much as a 58% discount on homeowner’s insurance policy in Florida. Using our patented high modulus, multi attachment point, carbon fiber clip

the homeowners were able to install A-rated hurricane protection for this challenging opening, and not compromise their financial or aesthetic sensibilities. Upon completion of this installation, the homeowners were able to obtain the Opening Protection “A” rating and enjoy a significant reduction in their annual Windstorm premiums. Every policy is different, and the savings are based on a number of variables; However, in this particular, and many other instances, the insurance savings will pay for the additional protection within a few months. Protect your home and your bottom line: install hurricane fabric, it’s a win-win!

Hurricane Fabric Preserves Exisiting Aesthetic

Hurricane Fabric Preserves Exisiting Aesthetic

Many Florida homeowners know that they are eligible for as much as a 58% discount on their homeowners insurance by having hurricane protection. However, most people don’t realize that every opening of the home (even that pesky small bathroom window on the side of your house) must be protected in order to be eligible for the discount. The reason for this is simple: if any portion of the homes “envelope” is compromised, wind and rain will enter the home, and the pressure may ultimately tear the roof off the home.

The picture below illustrates how Hurricane Fabric solves traditional hurricane protection (metal shutters, impact glass, etc..) challenges. In this instance, the homeowner lost the Hurricane Protection Mitigation discount portion of his homeowners insurance policy because one opening was not protected (single picture window below). This window is a large “curved” window overlooking the Pool and Spa area. The window has multiple panes that are connected with a silicone seal, which provides a clear vista from inside the House. The homeowner did not want to replace the window with an impact window as that would require aluminum mullions between each pane and destroy the open view (not to mention the increased cost- roughly 5x’s the cost of our fabric). Moreover, Steel Panels and Accordions Shutters were ruled out due to the unattractive, permanently affixed Tracks and Accordion Stacks on the exterior. provides a direct mount, easy to install hurricane shutter with chameleon-esque stainless steel attachments that are paint-able and flush with the homes exterior (no ugly wing nuts to look at all year round); In fact, most customers report that visitors can’t even tell they have hurricane protection. The Homeowner got back his mitigation discounts and retained the aesthetics of his pool area. One more reason to use Hurricane Fabric.

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